Mike & Aimee President/Vice President

Passionate about helping with the world wide orphan crisis, with an emphasis on youth within the local community. We are a transracial family made up with 4 biological girls, 1 adult adopted daughter, 2 son's adopted from foster care, a daughter with permanent legal guardianship, and a medically complex foster son whose adoption will be finalized in 2020. We believe every child deserves a family with permanence.


Trinity Program Director

As the Co-Founder of Love Recklessly she graduated from Northwest University with her Masters in International Community Development. Growing up as the oldest biological child, she has experience being raised with knowledge of the caregiver side of foster care. She also worked as a case aide for a small private foster/adopt agency. She has a passion to see at risk families stay together whenever possible. She is an advocate for youth finding permanence.


Natalie Marketing & Merchandising

She has spent the last 15 years working with at risk families in the Cowichan Valley BC. She values relationships and being able to see the heart of a person, not their behavior. Her goal is for families to receive the wrap around services that are needed to stay together and become a healthy, functioning unit.